Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Lolita Fashion

Lolita fashion is a fast growing trend influence on the runways and streets right now. It's feminine, chic, easy to wear and really comfortable; most definitely a style to embrace! Just don’t think ‘promiscuous girl’ when you think of Lolita with regard to Fashion as the essence of this style is quite the contrary. The primary influence for Lolita Fashion is “the Victorian child” with that extending to a ‘child-like’ appearance in general. Typically, you’d have a little less skin on show and look more on the pretty, girly, Victorian or deliberately plain side – certainly not ‘overtly’ sexy (unless you're venturing toward Goth-Lolita).

You really don’t need to go all out “Japanese Lolita” with frilly hat’s an umbrella’s when attempting this style. It works well when you take your favourite key Lolita pieces and mix them up with a bit of your own style; thus keeping a Lolita feel but adapting it to the 21st century! Of course there’s nothing stopping you from going all out Lolita either! No doubt it’ll be a head turner!

Old fashioned Vintage dresses, High necked blouses, Ruffles, Lace, Frills, Floral’s, Tights, Bows, Short mid waist skirts, Cardigans, White Socks, lace-up Oxford shoes, Shoe Boots, Ankle Boots and Mary Janes are some key pieces that perfectly represent the essence of Lolita Style Dress. These are uber-chic when accompanied with more modern pieces like skinny jeans and oversized handbags. Experiment with your own wardrobe staples to get a look that suits you best.

For your hair, try plaits including alice-band plaits as Sienna and Mary Kate Olsen do it. Pony tails are cute too as well as a fringe or a bob (or both as Alexa Chung does it!). You can even save a some time and leave your hair looking a little unkempt, like you’ve just been playing outside!

This is a great trend to try out and it's so easy to carry off. For a bit of inspiration I’ve rustled up some celebrity candids where the Lolita influence is apparent.

Model Lily Cole with socks and Mary Janes

Alexa Chung in Victorian Style attire, and Peaches Geldof in a cream Blouse complete with neck bow and a cute black dress

Tv Presenter Fearne Cotton with a cute cream coat, red tights and red lace-up shoe boots

Tv Presenter Fearne Cotton in a Vintage Lace Dress

Alexa Chung in a little girl style dress and cardi

Sienna Miller in a vintage dress and Lace up Boots

Sienna Miller in a cute child-like short dress and shoe boots

Gwen Stefani's stepdaughter Pearle Lowe in a Polka Dot dress with socks and Mary Janes

Pearle Lowe in White tights and Mary Janes

Chloe Sevigny in Vintage with socks and shoe boots

Model Agyness Deyn with a pretty Cinderella style skirt and heels

Gwyneth Paltrow in a cute dress and pony tail

Gwyneth Paltrow in a gorgeous Cream Vintage dress

Kelly Osborne goes Victorian in a black girly dress and heels


Andrea. said...

that's Daisy Lowe.
Alexa and her are sooo cute. =)

akumaxkami said...

I'm afraid I don't see much Lolita influence in any of these looks. The lace and ruffles could certainly be cutesy and "victorian" in their own way, but Lolita itself is characterized primarily by the cupcake shaped knee-length skirt.