Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Year, New Wardrobe!

So it’s the beginning of January ladies and I’m sure we are all feeling the cold as well as the credit crunch pinch, but there really is no need to fear, as the fashion news for 2009 is finally here!

This month is always a tough one for keeping up to date with trends and different style notes given the madness of Christmas and the need to economise.

Luckily for us, this January it's all about refashioning and personally customising your existing wardrobe using key accessories. This is great news as accessories can fit any type of budget and become staple members of any fashionistas apparel. Refashioning is not a new phenomenon though, the working women of the 1940’s had to do it when their men went to war by transforming their daywear to nightwear, casual wear to work wear and so on. A new style along with a sense of individuality has always been achieved by recycling old outfits and looking at them in different ways. So, below I find the best of the best (accessories) and the rest is in your wardrobe.

Hats are always a winner for winter weather, but this year they are back with a bang! No more excuses needed for those bad hair days, just take your pick of beret, bowler or beanie and away you go.

The beret hat was originally French but has since become a favourite for designers and celebrities everywhere. Vera Wang’s ‘Lavender label’ 2008 collection shows the beret in its original style……….yet Fergie, Hilary Duff and Rihanna highlight the versatility of the French beauty and how it can be worn in many ways and on many occasions.

Although wearing a beret or beanie in a slouchy style seems to be the trend at the moment, be sure to pick one that suits your individual style.

Rihanna is on the ball with her grey embellished hat. Embellishment is huge this season and it can take you from day through to night. Why not try accessorising your own hat with some sequins or a pretty brooch? This stunning Pansy Brooch from Banana Republic is a real beauty and would transform any regular hat into a vintage find.

Brooches are a great investment as you can also wear the same brooch on a plain Jacket making it a little more interesting. Victoria Beckham's brooch works well with her black Jacket.

Of course if you do need to update your hat collection, then ASOS have treated us with this gorgeous oversized knitted beanie in three colours (Black, Navy and Cream) all retailing under £8/$12.

Fearne Cotton shows just how cool she really is in a Charlie Chaplin style bowler hat, this again is a great hat choice for a relaxed shopping trip as Fearne highlights but it would also look fabulous with a fitted tuxedo jacket (hot for 2009), skinny jeans and those favourite killer heels.

The other main player in the accessories department is jewellery. The most significant style for early 2009 is layered necklaces; these offer an alternative to trying to find a fancy, detailed top as well as adding that extra glamour to your Little Black dress. Never wear huge earrings and a statement necklace as it can often look too much and the charm of one can be lost.
I simply love this Vintage inspired medallion layered necklace from ASOS retailing at £9.97 / $19.94. Its gold, it’s chunky and its metallic which is also a mega must-have for 2009.

Kate Moss opts for a more casual look with her Medallion Necklace and it still looks great.

I also found this beaded vintage looking Ralph Lauren necklace ($78 at Bloomingdales), a great piece of jewellery that would liven up any outfit, day or night!

My final pointer to set you on your way into January is the idea of reinventing your current winter coat or an old one. I know the thought of the miserable weather continuing can seem bleak but I see no sign of it disappearing just yet and that means we have to keep cosy but cool for maybe one month more.

As discussed earlier, embellishment is on trend along with big flowers and this is also perfect for pinning a flower or brooch on the collar or trim of a jacket. Another quick and easy way to customise your coat is to cover the buttons and turn up the cuffs to reveal some different fabric on the inside of your coat. This can make a real difference and totally spice up an otherwise plain coat; I’m sure most of us have at least one sitting in the wardrobe, some not having been worn for ages!

You can buy covered buttons from any haberdashery store for next to nothing. Simply replace the old ones or if you’re feeling confident you can choose any material you wish and cover the old ones yourself! This is such a fun idea which anybody can do and adding your own personal touches will most certainly ensure that nobody else has the same coat as you.

A few simple changes really can make all the difference so start rifting through that wardrobe and get creative this January!

Post By Katie Powell (Fashion PR and Stylist)

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