Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Harem Trousers / Hareem Pants

On the Catwalks over the past few years, and heavily on the streets this year. Comfortable, edgy and way funky, this season I'm loving Harem Trousers, or Hareem Pants, whatever you want to call them. Firstly, I must warn you, Hareems are not always a top favourite with the men. This weekend my best mate showed me her gorgeous pair, whilst moaning "I LOVE them but my fiancé hates them!"

Admittedly, they can look a little unflattering on your body, but to me - it's all about how you wear them and what you team these funky little trousers up with. Lets be real, 'Baggy around the butt and crotch' isn't exactly a body flattering shape, but I guarantee you - a gorgeous top and funky shoes will go a long way to making the outfit look super hot... and maybe even change your man's opinion! Also, don't be frightened off if you usually like to play it safe. There are literally TONS of varying degree's of 'bagginess' available, which will be sure to suit most people's body types. Try them out - you might be pleasantly surprised.

Tops that suit: Ok, so being as your bottom is going to have some very loose fabric around it, if you want to retain your feminity and not look overweight - you need to make sure you wear the right top. Opt for more of a figure hugging top or at least something that shows your true shape. Longer tops are a definite NO NO. Sheer, fabrics are great too. If you're going for an edgy, funky look, you can wear a shirt tucked in, with a few of the top buttons undone. Crop tops are also HUGE this summer, it's all about the 80's influence, but if you don't want your stomach on full view, you can still get the stylish look by wearing a contrasting vest underneath or opting for high waisted trousers. Bustier/Boob-tube tops are also great with Hareems, they're undoubtedly figure flattering and feminine, so they will create a street chic look. Put a little waistcoat on to make it more interesting, or wear a pretty necklace if it looks bare. A tucked in Cami looks effortlessly chic and is great for work if the fabric is elegant. A plain ribbed vest is also fantastic for a neat, comfy daytime 'Jennifer Aniston' look.

On your feet: For a funky stye you can team your hareems up with a pair of brogues. Comfy daytime, go with pretty plimsoles or a pair of ballet flats. If you want to glam it up and turn a few heads, you can mix it up with a gorgeous pair of heels or wedges. If you're all about comfort and effortless style - wear a pair of flip-flops or sandals!

Here are a few little looks for inspiration but do search them out on the net to find your own:

Diesel Hareems


Text: Claire Webb

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