Saturday, 19 July 2008

Its all about the Cardigan

This season I've taken a real shine to cardigans. A year back they had a dated feel to them, however being spotted on most catwalks last season, they have certainly made a ferocious comeback and look comfortably chic when teamed up with the right outfit. Girls and rockish, emo style boys are both pulling off this trend often paired with skinny jeans and plimsoles. The fit of a cardigan is pretty important in getting the look right, they can be snug, but shouldn't be too tight and if you're going for a more feminine look - they shouldn't be too loose either. Mid length sleeves and waist cardi's look great with pretty day dresses, and some more glamorous cardi's can even look gorgeous with an evening prom dress, re-creating the 50's look which is very in. A cardigan can keep an outfit glam or tone it down, depending on style, colour and for example beading or sequin patterns. The long sleeved cardigan looks effortlessly stylish with skinny jeans or tights, definitely a comfortable daytime outfit, especially useful during this time of year when the weather can change at the drop of a hat. The longer cardigan is also making a comeback, but personally, I'm not a huge fan. On some, it can really drown a womans shape. You can get creative and cover a huge spectrum of styles, emo, rock-chic, hippy and glam to name a few. Having fun with geometric, colourful prints that can spice up an otherwise plain outfit and can be worn sans accessories. As long as you're careful with it (make sure you wear your cardi together a decent outfit) you can't go too wrong.

I love this Black and white spotted cardi by Betty Jackson for Debenhams uk selling at £40. It's a little bit different, feminine and fun. You can buy online at which is handy. Postage is fast and returns are easy as they send a courier to your door. I can picture it on somebody like Kiera Knightly, it would look great on a slim figure.

Missoni have brought out this beautiful cardigan which you can buy at for $645 (or if its a little out of your budget, you can always wait for it to go on sale!). I immediately thought of Sienna Miller when I saw it, but then not surprisingly, Missoni is one of her favourite designers.

American Apparel sell this fun purple and blue striped cardigan at £29, again you can buy online at

Juicy Couture are also cashing in on the horizontal stripes with this eye catching 3/4 sleeved red smocked cardi which is currently selling for $198, I especially love the buttons with little crowns on them. You can find this one at

One of my best finds was this gorgeous little cardigan from Oasis (, I love the bow and contrasting stripes with plain black sleeves. This one costs £35 and they have many more great cardi's on their brand new website in a huge range of styles and colours. Definitely a site to check out if you're keen on this trend.

If you want to buy at a more reasonable price, you can try dropping into Zara where you can usually pick a plain cardi up for around £14.99.

Ciao, till next time x

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